Releasing Your Fears Being An Artist

Releasing Your Fears Being An Artist

Releasing your fears

Today, I'm going talk about the fears of being an artist. The fear and anxiety of being an artist is the worst feeling ever that anyone can experience. It keeps you up at night, stupid thoughts going through your mind with self-doubt as to whether or not you believe you are good enough for this profession, leaving you completely overthinking things to yourself. Believe me, I've been there.

"You're are not alone in your frustration. There's gonna be times when you feel like no one's listening, watching or understanding what you're trying to say as an artist."

"Sometimes, it can seem as if there isn't any point trying to all the work we put into our art," "BUT I just want everyone out there who feels they have something important inside them but don't know how to show it to the world- you've got this!" 

The fears of being an artist it's like the fear of going out into a world alone with nothing but your dreams and ambitions, knowing that you may never make it. This particular variation of self-doubt lives within us all the time.

Journaling your thoughts

Artists tend to get in their own way and not be willing or able to release those fears," It sounds weird. Still, there's a process for releasing these fears that will actually help improve your creative side, deep breathing and trusting your journey of WHO you are as a person, journaling your thoughts, meditating and focus on your desires every day. 

We must first recognize what we're feeling by pinpointing when it starts happening: was it after an event such as losing someone close who inspired us from within; has something changed in how we work due to external influences such as personal relationships going sour, which caused us self-doubt about ourselves; are things piling up at home causing stress levels on high? Do you have health problems and you had to leave your job? Once you have recognized your anxiety and fears, then you need to address this and write it all down, journaling your thoughts such as: "I am feeling frustrated because I'm not getting my work done," or "I feel like giving up on this and don't know what to do."

Limiting Beliefs We Tell Ourselves

"If you are having trouble with your creative side as an artist, the best thing for you is to take a moment. Focus on your positive thoughts and feelings, focus on the things that make you feel good. Breathe deeply. Be still and tell yourself that you ARE good enough!."

Some of the limiting beliefs we as artists sometimes tell ourselves are:

-People will think I'm weird and judge me for my weirdness.

-I am not good enough to do the things that make anyone happy. 

-If people find out who I really am, they won't like it or accept it

-Will anyone buy my work, is it too expensive

-No one is going to give me a job, or take my art seriously. 

-My work isn't good enough, and I'm not talented enough. 

-I am not creative because I can't paint like other artists do."

We all have limiting beliefs that we don't even recognize as such, which is why it's important to explore and understand what those limits may be for us to tackle them head-on in the future. 

The only thing stopping you from being the artist you want to be is the story you keep telling yourself. - Believing you're not good enough can stop you from trying new things. - You might be afraid to try and fail or don't want people telling you that it's a bad idea again. - The fear of failing is hard to overcome but worth the risk of pursuing your dreams 100%!

Believe In Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? If not, maybe it's time to start now. By reminding yourself of your great qualities and abilities that make you different from others. Your voice matters; your art is amazing! When you build your confidence, it's much easier to believe in yourself.

We all have these fears that hold us back. But the key is to face your fear head-on and keep working towards success despite it! Keep going, keep practicing and think positive.

Releasing our inner demons takes time, but it's worth putting in the effort because you want a life free from regrets. It doesn't matter what you're afraid of: remember to remind yourself WHY this small bit of work matters so much before giving up or getting frustrated with setbacks along the way.

Imagine yourself as a young child, running around in your back garden with no worries or fear. You're free to explore and experience the world without any restrictions on what you can do. This is how it should feel when you're painting - confident enough to take risks and face new challenges head-on while also enjoying all those little moments that make life worth living.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to have confidence. I know that some people think of having an overconfident personality as something positive for many people because it helps them be successful in their careers and feel good about themselves. But the truth is, this type of attitude doesn't really help you build up your self-confidence. It's expressing and learning who you are as a person that's the key.

When you stop building your confidence, you start building walls around yourself, and your life and thoughts can become out of control. You might find it hard to connect with people or feel like no one really understands what's on inside of you. Therefore you would probably feel low in yourself.

Believe in yourself! The more confidence and practice we take as artists, we can unfold those fears and limitations holding us back and start living a life more freely.

This means to be able to do things like: 

Take risks in your art, explore opportunities and take care of yourself too by building up confidence in selling your artwork and selling your creativity.-try new things without fear of failure; for example, paint colours you might not usually use or experiment with different mediums. -learn how to see your own value as an artist and not compare yourself to others.

Confidence is the key to living a life that's free from regrets because it means you're able to do things like taking risks, learning new things, whether it's your artwork or your life skills.

Comparing Yourself To Others

If you're always looking at what other people are doing or comparing yourself to them, you will never be the person you've been born to be, the creator you CHOOSE to be.

It's time to stop telling yourself this story and instead live your life how you want it to be, be the creator of your destiny.

It takes bravery and courage but also self-love and trust - all that matters is you, become YOU, be the different unique person you've always been and need to show the world.

Here are some things to help you along the way. It's not that difficult, and there are six steps to building your confidence as an artist. they are: 

1) find inspiration in the work of others 

2) take risks with different materials and courses

3) remember you're a beginner, so don't expect perfection 

4) discuss art-related topics online with other aspiring artists

5 ) join art friendly groups

6 ) post on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook

4 out of these 6 actions will help grow your confidence in the art industry.

I also have an eBook called 100 ways to help you relax with art therapy. 


Deep Meditation

Every morning before I start my day working from home, I love to meditate. Close your eyes and do this with me as a quick meditation practice. Take three deep breaths and notice how it feels to breathe through your nose, be in the present.

Notice the sensation of air moving in and out of your lungs, what are your thoughts, feelings as you sit silently in the now.

Become aware of what's happening right now, not thinking about anything else - just be present in the NOW!

Do these breathing technique's for a few minutes.

When we're not focused on what's happening right now, our minds are usually racing about something that happened or worrying about what might happen next which can be worst. This causes us to miss all of the beautiful moments that are happening around us every day. It also makes it hard for us to enjoy life because we're always looking ahead instead of living in the moment with everything going on around us.

You'll feel more relaxed with each breath you take, the more you control your breathing, and let the thoughts flow through your mind, then the more you become aware of your mind, thoughts and emotions and your surroundings. 

Now that you're back into the present moment, check off an item from today's to-do list or go do something for fun! You deserve it and be the artist you desire!


The key to happiness is awareness. When we become aware that our mind is wandering with limiting beliefs, we can gently bring it back to the present moment. It’s only in the present moment that we are empowered and can consciously choose the thoughts we engage with.

Each thought has a vibration reflected by the feeling we experience in our bodies. To move from a fear-based experience to an open, peaceful experience, we must first take full responsibility and accountability for some level of what created this situation on us. We need to understand how our thoughts create reality and then make conscious choices about what thoughts will create peace instead of fear or worry. 

It’s not your fault if you feel not good enough, but it is your responsibility to change how you feel. This experience of life can be a catalyst for growth and inner peace when we choose thoughts consciously. If there are certain things related to the situation that you want to acknowledge for yourself, then take action now by journaling your thoughts and using meditation or prayer or any other technique that you find helpful.

Each day I write a list of all the things I am grateful for. This way, if anyone asked me are you having a good day? I could always say yes with confidence. It also helped me to find positivity in every situation and focus on how lucky I am. The people who are most important in my life were there too- maybe not physically but mentally- as they became part of the list and eventually they became an extension of myself.

I can honestly say that this has been one of my best habits so far because it forced me into being a better artist and mindful about everything around me instead of looking at what wasn’t going well or what had gone wrong in my life. 

The purpose of this post is to help people who are struggling with negative thinking and find it hard to work from home due to fear-based thoughts. Be the better person you choose to be, what sets your soul on fire!

Love & light

Jo xx