Reflecting on my life as the woman I am today

Reflecting on my life as the woman I am today

Hey, gorgeous Women With Unique Gifts! 


I hope you're having a chilled day; I’ve been thinking a lot about the woman I am today. It’s funny how as time goes on, we have more and more opportunities to grow and change into the woman we are. 


Most days, when I look in the mirror or catch my reflection out of the corner of my eye, I see myself differently than a year ago. 


I see a woman who knows herself better, is more confident in her abilities and is happier than ever. I feel like so much has changed, which is natural as we grow older, but I’ve learnt what has helped me keep moving forward and be the person that I want to be.


I realise that my thoughts are what define me. And I take action from my thoughts. It’s important to think positively because if you keep thinking of negative shit, it’s more likely for your life to be shit and go wrong in some areas.   


When I think of the word ‘change’, a few things come to my mind. It can be either for the better or for worse, which is why it’s so fucking important to be aware of how you think and your attitude towards It all. 


Gratitude is also a key factor in building your confidence. Being grateful for everything that you have, no matter how small it may be, I means so much to yourself and the people around you.  


It’s also important to take time out for yourself. Make sure that you do self-care and work on your well-being as much as possible. This is so important as it ensures that we can be the best version of ourselves, both physically and mentally.


Having respect for yourself is also essential. I think that’s one of the things I have learnt to do over time,  especially as a woman.


It's all about the little steps along the way that helped mould me into who I am now: happier, stronger and wiser - even if only by an inch! 


One thing is for certain though: this version of myself feels unstoppable!


If I can do it! Anyone can.


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