You are GORGEOUS….remember that!


This is what I believe about success, about purpose, about passion, Your WHY, about FLOW, about all the things you damn straight know you were always born for and were always going to HAVE.




You’re a rule-breaker, and you always have been always will be.


That black sheep thang you’ve got going on? It’s not that you even really TRIED to be a rebel, actually … although you’re not complaining about the fact that it does make you feel kinda sexy! 🙌🏻


But no, you didn’t set out to TEAR DOWN THE RULES, deconstruct the norms, REFUSE to say yes to your soul just because it’s the ‘done thing’ or ‘how it is’.


It just kind of … happened you know that, right? 


Somewhere between growing up and doing the right thing and trying to fit in and TRYING desperately to be cool, accepted, validated, approved of, MADE worthy, the tide turned.


You started to … notice things, I mean REALLY notice things. 


THINK about things.


And most of all, or so it’s often seemed?


You started to reject things entirely.


Say NO to things 


Such as the idea that there’s a right or a wrong way to do whatever in life.


Such as the idea that being a good grown-up … entrepreneur … creative … DRIVEN person … SUCCESSFUL person … 


Because let’s face it gorgeous –


You were NEVER gonna be able to do normal, were you? I mean SURE, you may have well TRIED, and indeed you did! I get it! That need to be LIKED runs deep in your veins. But in the end, literally in the END?


You were always going to give in to being you.

And whether it’s in business –


Or in art & creation –


Or simply in the madness of living your LIFE, and wanting (insisting!) on doing things YOUR WAY or NOWAY –


You’re always going to end up being the one who turns her back –


Walks away and burns that DAMN bridge after –


And does what she’s always done, which is to say EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS!


Yes. You are. Like – SERIOUSLY next level crazy.


I freakin’ well hope so!!


I mean, let’s just be honest here –


You and me? We wouldn’t really get along so well if you weren’t as mad, chaotic, unrealistic and also RELENTLESS as what I am!


It’s actually – Just quietly –


The key to EVERYTHING, anyway!


No matter what it takes –


UNTIL it fucking takes 


For YOU to but that bridge baby!


And what I’m here for?


I’m here to tell you that there IS a different way.


That this feeling, this yearning, this burning inside of you, which has been there for so freakin long GORGEOUS, since even BEFORE time began, that that sh*t is there for a reason. 


In your very CORE


That you WERE born for a purpose.


CALLED to live a destiny.




And that hell YES the message, the art, the truth coming through you NEEDS TO BE UNLEASHED INTO THEE WORLD.


Oh, and that actually, also, yes –


You can make millions –


Impact millions –


And maybe even change the world –




And I’d love to show you how.


So what makes me so qualified to talk about this anyway??


I always believed I was born for MORE.

It was a feeling and a KNOWING inside of me since as long as I can remember. I’ve had a looooong experience of the entrepreneurial world 


I saw the road ahead of me, and it TERRIFIED me.


And something within me, even though I had NO idea what I was gonna do instead, said NO.


NO, I’m not going to live the normal life.


Fu** that Sh**


I’m going to do something DIFFERENT.


I’m going to BE different.




And I won’t go down the same way everybody else does!!


Fast forward to NOW, and my business is completely location free, I literally do whatever I freakin WANT all day every day … which is to say I pursue what lights me the fook UP, whether it be creating, teaching, painting, mentoring, kicking ass, performing, telling funny stories … well, I think I’m funny!! 😆… or just doing whatever my soul needs me to do for ME! 


It’s safe to say I get more done before I even get outta bed than what most people do in a week, a month, maybe a year! And it’s how I WANT to live, I love it! the push, living for PURPOSE, and knowing that I can have time EASILY for everything I value.


I created my life by design


And so can you.




And you’ve ALWAYS known that GORGEOUS.


YOU can change your life 


It’s not going to happen just because you want it to.


You ARE going to have to do the work sometimes ALOT of work.


And MOST of that work will be the INNER work, MINDSET work, the work of stepping into the next level identity of who you know you’re meant to be.


Because here’s the part of my story I left out –


Before I got to HERE, and to where I KNOW that my every NEXT dream can of COURSE be brought to life from here, and WILL be, I went through some pretty tough freakin’ times.


I was in debt.

COMPLETELY lost and confused.

And I wondered if I would EVER break through.


I kept ‘trying’ to do what I really wanted to do … I kept trying to put the ‘real me’ out there … and it just didn’t really WORK out.


I look back now, at all of those years of picking myself up again, and again, and again, after what felt like NEVER-ending failures and flops, and I shake my head and smile with tears at the earlier me who didn’t get that all it was going to take, all it would EVER take, was deciding to fully be me and own ALL of me.


At the time, I really did think I was trying, but the truth is I was living from fear.


In order to break through from there to HERE, I had to seriously change my mindset.


God knows how many thousands of hours learning, studying, applying, SEEKING, searching.


Desperately trying to ‘switch’ into being the person I freakin’ KNEW I was meant to be!




And I refused to back down.


I know that if you’re anything like me, you’ve had your moments of wondering if you should just give up, but the truth is you were BORN for this life gorgeous.


You DO know you’re going to make it.


And even though doubt sometimes gets you GOOD … or you end up crying on the floor in the fetal position (happened to me once!) … deep down, where perhaps you could stand to listen more often, you DO have faith.


And that’s why I know you’ve got what it takes.


It’s also how I know I can help you.


I was that one, with a dream and a vision, and NO freakin’ clue how to achieve it, and more debt, fear, responsibility on top of me than what I thought I could handle, who REFUSED TO GIVE UP, and also refused to compromise or settle even a LITTLE bit on her true dream.


And eventually –


Bit by bit –


Step by step -


And a few pretty epic ‘aha’ moments later –


– I broke the fook through.


I figured sh** OUT.




And always WILL be.


But from where I’m at now?


I can hand on my heart say that I KNOW that anything I can dream is not only ALLOWED, it’s also mine to make happen NOW.

And that’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly.




If you’re ready to say yes to YOU –


To being fully and UNAPOLOGETICALLY you –


And going ALL IN, ‘fu*k the rules’ at BEING you –


Both in business and in EVERY area of life, so you can live the life you were born for and also hell YEAH make millions, impact millions, even change the WORLD –


Then welcome to the land of the crazy ones baby.


We dream big.

We make shit happen.

We do NOT back down.



And we have the most amazing time ever doing it.


I can’t wait to get to know you BEAUTIFUL.


Love & light


Jo xx